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China’s Urban Leap Forward
Date 日期:  15 Mar 2018
Time 時間: 6:45pm - 8:45pm
Venue 地點: KB223, 2/F, Knowles Building, HKU
Medium 語言: Cantonese (simultaneous interpretation will be provided upon request by 8/3)
Speaker(s) 講師: 陳振光博士 Dr. Roger Chan
盧燕珊女士 Ms. Lo Yin Shan
Summary 內容: 中國正進行不可逆轉的城鎮化實驗,城市群政策將為中國空間帶來翻天覆地的轉變。這短短40年間,大量人口帶着城市夢離開農村湧進城市。然而,這些高速擴張的城市裏,有城市規劃和可持續發展嗎?離鄉別井為中國繁榮作出貢獻的外來人口,真的可以融入城市生活嗎?

China is a laboratory for urban planning on a massive scale, with its ongoing urbanisation combining mega-cities into mega-regions. Over the past four decades, hundreds of millions of people have left farms and rural villages and flocked to the cities for work.
Are there any urban planning and sustainable development in these rapidly growing cities? For those who left countryside and have fuelled the nation’s specular economic boom, how’s their integration into urban life?
This forum is the fourth session of the series ‘Welcome to China’.

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Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介: 陳振光博士 Dr. Roger Chan (Associate Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture, HKU)
盧燕珊女士 Ms. Lo Yin Shan (Hong Kong Veteran culture reporter formerly resided in Beijing)